We are not your average 'run-of-the mill' online Tea store 'selling' tea .

We are in the business of marketing contemporary lifestyle concepts that are based on tea. Yet we are not all 'glass & chrome'. We follow tradition when it comes to quality selection but deviate from tradition when it comes to blending and packing our teas. Our finest grade teas are sourced from the best tea estates and packed in our unique retail packs that are designed for modern day, time pressed urban consumer. We offer world class loose leaf teas in our uniquely designed TEA STICKS that have given tea a whole new look and convenience factor that will remain unmatched by any tea bag or clumsy tea infusers.

All tea producing countries have a rich tea tradition and tea culture where tea is an important part of everyday food. Like wine, tea pairs perfectly with food but tea is a healthier option to wine. We have made this fact an important part of our marketing philosophy. We have invested great deal of resources in pairing our teas with western foods to give the consumer a unique tea experience.

We are immensely proud of our new lifestyle teas and will like you to be a part of this fresh thinking. If this excites you and you wish to know more about our Wholesale or Affiliate programs please e-mail us at info@sunshinetea.in telling us more about yourself and your specific interest area.