With their bright tinge and bold fruity taste our fruit teas make enchanting Ice Teas. Just brew in hot water, allow to cool, add crushed ice and you have the coolest ICE TEA. Serve in tall glasses on a hot summer day or Serve this wonderous drink in goblets at your summer evening parties and cocktails as wine replacement. Also an excellent pre-dinner drink that prepares you for almost any dinner treat. Browse thru our collection of teas that make perfect Ice Teas.

Mango Magic , Passion Fruit & Lemon Tea flavored iced tea is one of the most popular commercial varieties of the drink on the market.

1. Mango Magic: Tea Sticks
Available In: 10 Tea Sticks in Box
A rare blend of full bodied Indian Black Teas masterfully flavored with the world’s best Mango flavors from the home of mango, India.

2. Passion Fruit : Tea Sticks
Available In: 10 Tea Sticks in Box
This fine black tea laced with passion fruit flavor is as exotic as the tropics will ever get. You will love the flavor.

3. Lemon Tea : Tea Sticks
Available In: 10 Tea Sticks in Box
A perfect blend of finest black whole leaf tea from assam in India , flavored with natural lemon flavoring & peel of lemon.