Sunshine Tea in collaboration with INYM launches ”Argentine Yerba Mate Tea” in India

According to various studies done by researchers, Argentine Yerba Mate offers a whole range of benefits to consumers such as Essential Vitamins (B-Complex), Minerals (Potassium), Anti-Oxidants (100% more than Green Tea), Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Cancer, Lowering of Bad Cholesterol & Easing of Mental & Physical Fatigue.  


Mate is a popular drink in countries such as U.S.A, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Spain, Japan & Korea. The drink itself symbolizes the idea of “Friendship, Sharing & Connecting” and is considered as “The Drink of Gods”.


In November 2017, Sunshine Tea in collaboration with INYM (Instituto Nacional De La Yerba Mate), Argentina, & Grupo Amanda introduced the wonder herb “Argentine Yerba Mate” in India, supported by Argentine Embassy, India.


Sunshine Tea imports 100% Pure Yerba Mate from Argentina and blend it with natural ingredients in India to give it a unique taste and flavour preferred by the Indian consumers.


The Art of Friendship, Sharing & Connecting: “Argentine Yerba Mate Tea.”

Yerba Mate (from Spanish), is a species of the “Holly Genus Plant (Ilex Paraguariensis), from the Green-Forest in South America. It is an infusion made from the leaves of Ilex and has a flavour comparable to some varieties of Green Tea.


Argentine Yerba Mate has the “Strength of coffee, Health benefits of Tea, & Euphoria of Chocolate” all in one beverage. Of the commonly used stimulants in the world; Argentine Yerba Mate triumphs as the most balanced, delivering both energy and nutrition. It can also be called the “Greener Green Tea”.


Argentina is the main world producer of Yerba Mate, and in Argentina it is cultivated only (for its climate and red soil) in the provinces of Misiones and Northeast of Corrientes.


Yerba Mate can be enjoyed as a traditional hot drink using loose leaves and a strainer or an infuser or one can use a French press coffee machine or Tea Bags. One can also opt to enjoy “The Ultimate Yerba Mate Experience” by drinking it in a ‘Gourd’ with a ‘Straw’.


Argentine Yerba Mate thus serves as “The Healthy Alternative to Tea & Coffee”, and can be enjoyed hot and cold.


Features of “Yerba Mate”

Taste: A full bodied green taste with a bold mate character.
Aroma: Like freshly cut grass with a powerful green depth.
Brewed Color: Cloudy Green
Brew Time: 3-4 minutes
Properties: Traditionally used for mental & physical fatigue; has caffeine.


Benefits of Yerba Mate

Vitamins: It has B-complex Vitamins, which help the body to take advantage of the energy contained in foods.


Minerals: It contains Potassium, essential for the correct functioning of the heart, and magnesium, which helps the body to incorporate proteins.


Powerful Anti-Oxidant: It contains Polyphenols, that act as anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants combat the oxidation action of free radicals which are responsible for many Illnesses and Premature Ageing.


Energizing Effect: Due to mateine, an active compound that belongs to the group of the Catequines, Yerba Mate is a natural source of energy that stimulates intellectual and physical effort.


Reduces Cholesterol: Saponins, which are in the Yerba Maté infusion, reduce the amount of Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) in the blood.


Health Implications of Yerba Mate